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Sometimes, even the smallest changes can be difficult to manage

I believe life is a process of learning and self-discovery. Often times, we are fully capable of balancing ourselves, our relationships and our schedules, yet at other times we feel lost. Unwarranted feelings such as stress, depression, anxiety, or frustration can too often resonate with us as we go about our daily routines.

These potentially harmful reactions to life's obstacles can make the once ordinary appear to be unsettling or even overwhelming.

I can help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

Now how can I help you?

Couples Counseling

"Happily ever after” is much easier said than done.

Having a healthy marriage takes dedication and hard work, especially in the high-stress pressure living in Silicon Valley. Feelings alone are not enough to sustain the commitment you made to each other. Couples therapy can be essential in helping couples stay on track or return to a happier place.

My goal is to help you get there!

Family Counseling

No one getting along? Everyone going their separate way?

Maintaining a healthy family balance takes hard work and can at times can be very trying, especially in our fast-paced high-stress world of Silicon Valley and San Jose where I practice. Families often seek therapy when one or more family members is struggling.

My goal is is to help identify the area of concern and help each family member understand his or her role in re-establishing a more supportive and loving environment.

Teen Counseling

Where did that happy child go? 

Being a teen in today’s world can be extremely challenging. It's not uncommon for teens to be dealing with depression and anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse and/or parent-sibling conflict. Often times teens don’t know who to turn to for help.

My goal is to help teens find their voice, learn new strategies to help them get unstuck and provide a framework for success.

Individual Counseling

Depression, anxiety, poor self esteem or anything else have you concerned?

My individual counseling sessions are designed to help each person function at his or her best. The goal is to help individuals in and around the San Jose area to attain a more complete self understanding; develop skills for improving relationships; find new ways to cope with stress and anxiety; improve communication skills; break negative and self-destructive patterns; and increase self esteem.

From the Blog…

Don’t Believe the Myths

Anyone Can Benefit From Therapy

Since building my practice, I’ve been intrigued by questions asked by both clients and friends surrounding both the process and results people can expect from therapy. I’ve learned from talking to countless clients how myths or false assumptions can interfere with getting the help one seeks.  So, let’s talk about what therapy is, what therapy is not and when it’s time to work with a professional therapist.

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